Zynii JS framework for web applications

Zynii is a pure, lightweight framework written entirely in Javascript. Use Zynii to do rapid development of your web applications. Web apps can be built quickly by declaring relationships between your JSON style data model and the page's HTML.

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BETA Version! Zynii is in early beta testing. Things may not work as described and features may change. Proceed with caution!
Zynii is small, written entirely in javascript.

No dependencies
Zynii has no dependencies and is entirely self-contained.

Use any CSS
Use your own or any third party CSS style-sheets.

Use any HTML
Zynii doesn't limit you in the HTML layout of the page.

Simple templates
Define templates using ordinary HTML. Include them in your main HTML file.

Clean separation.
Keep your data (model) separate from the user interface.

Zynii provides simple support for loading/saving your data; either to localStorage or to the server.

Open source
Zynii is released under the MIT License.


View documentation for Zynii. This includes tutorials, a short guide and an API/Reference.

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Zynii is available to download, either uncompressed or in minified form.

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Frequently asked questions about Zynii.