What is Zynii?

A framework. A skeleton app.

Does Zynii implement the MVC pattern?

Not exactly. However, if you are familiar with the MVC pattern then :- The 'Model' is kept inside the application - in a JSON like structure. The 'Viewer' you define yourself in HTML. The 'Controller' is built-in to the app and manages the interactions for you.

Does zynii require Bootstrap?

No. We used Bootstrap for this web-site and for all the example/demo projects. Mainly because it was easy. You can use Bootstrap or some other CSS library or roll-your-own.

Does zynii require jQuery?

No. Zynii has no external dependencies.

Can I use jQuery?

Yes. You can use any javascript libraries or any javascript code of your own. Just don't mess with anything declared in the global namespace ZYNII.

Any database support?

Not really.

Does Zynii work with XML?

Not really.